All Wrapped Up

Oligodendrocyte nanofibers_square

All Wrapped Up, 2017

3-dimensional bead work in a shadow box. Ready to hang. 12" x 12"


Just like a wire, neurons use electrical signals to convey information. And similarly to wires, neurons require outer insulation for efficient communication. This insulation is provided by a specialized type of cells called oligodendrocytes. Amazingly, oligodendrocytes are indifferent to the type of material they could wrap around. This quality can be utilized to study these cells in an artificial environment.  In this cellular assay, neuronal axons can be substituted with synthetic nanofibers, aiding in simulating oligodendrocyte morphology.

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The image on the left was acquired in the lab. The artwork on the right was created based on this image with some minor color modifications.

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