Stem Cell and Neuron dream catcher, 2019

“I commissioned this piece as a farewell gift for a lab member. It makes for an amazingly unique and personalized gift inspired by my colleague’s own research. Being a scientist herself, Yana came up with the best possible design and was also very receptive to my input. The piece itself looks stunning and reveals an incredibly detailed workmanship.” 

– Emiliano

The Internal Storm, 2017

“Commissioning art was a healing experience for me.  As a brain surgery survivor, my health felt mysterious and unsolved due to my life with Epilepsy.  I asked the artist a question, she spoke from her background as a neuroscientist and the 3D artwork that our conversation inspired has been a sense of claiming ownership of my journey and all of the beauty of its complexities.”

“As a neurosurgery survivor, I began searching #SciArt on Twitter & I was thrilled when I discovered the intricate beading of Yana Zorina. I considered buying an existing piece, but as I thought about her works more & more, I worried that her images were unlike mine. When I mentioned that I have Epilepsy Zorina started a dialogue that was a therapeutic experience: we asked each other questions, she showed examples of ideas and research that she could draw from and she created a piece that has been a large part of my healing. Seeing such beautiful elements of the scientific images that are a part of who I am become a work of art felt so freeing. I sincerely recommend working with her to identify your own question. #ArtHeals “

– Carla

Women in Bio – “The Intersection of Art and Science”, 2017

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The Royal Astrocyte, 2016

“When I received this piece of art I was at awe. The photo did not do it justice. It is beautiful. I love the concept of science and art. It’s unique and I can’t wait to show it off to my family and friends. I’m an art lover and feel so proud to own this piece.” 

– Sheila

Scientific Hair Clips, 2016

“Beautiful clip for my daughter to inspire her scientific side!”

“Cutest clip to inspire my daughter to love science.”

“Very cute clip! Beautifully made and inspired of a neuronal cell. Love the concept of science and art in a form of a clip.”

“My favorite science clip!! My daughter loves wearing it. It was shipped quickly and beautifully made.”

– Sheila

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