Attraction, 2019

Attraction, 2019

3-dimensional bead work on canvas. Ready to hang. 13" x 13"


“Attraction” comes from an image of a stem cell organoid that started as a neurosphere (blue) and is gradually generating a flat, uniform lawn of astrocytes (red), paving the way for the neurons (light blue to yellow). As the neurons extend away from the neurosphere, they go through a transition of differentiation markers, creating a color gradient.⠀You may have also noticed a familiar white jewel in the bottom left corner (similar to “Hope,” “Lost in Manhattan,” and “Finding. Your. Self.“). Here, it serves as the attraction point for the cells.⠀

Interested but cannot pay the whole sum now? No problem! Provide the deposit below and contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to pay the rest in monthly installments of only $120.



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