Hippocampal Neuron with Dendritic Spines

Hippocampal Neuron with Spines_2018

Hippocampal Neuron with Dendritic Spines, 2016 – SOLD 

Framed – 19″ x 19″

Science cannot be pursued with a cookie cutter approach.  It needs to be innovative, revolutionizing and pushing the limits to achieve real breakthroughs.  To capture this concept, I not only took a flat image of a cell and made it 3 dimensional – reaching beyond the surface at which it was taken; I made it reach outside the boundaries of its frame.  The image that inspired this work was taken at a high magnification.  High magnification and resolution usually requires the sacrifice of having a limited field of view.  But the elaborate dendritic tree of this beautiful neuron does not end there.  It reaches beyond the frame that was forced on it by a microscope in search for the “adjacent possible.”

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