“Lost in Manhattan”

Lost in Manhattan, 2018

3-dimensional beadwork on unframed canvas. Ready to hang. 13″ x 13″


This piece was inspired by the beautiful structures formed by stem cells differentiating into mature human neurons in culture.

This work was created through collaboration with Darcy Johnson during my art residency program organized by the SciArt Center. The program came about during a period in my life when I felt like I was losing a big part of what I consider to be my identity. I was losing a sense of self. Basing this project on a microscopy image of human stem cell-derived neurons that I acquired in the lab, I decided to portray the idea of a thick network or forest, representing the complex composition of a large city. The dense neuronal connections would portray the jungle gym that we need to maneuver in both a large city and life in general. I wanted them to be very tangled and interdependent, but elegant at the same time. Outer complexity leads to inner complexity, yet our brains can sort and organize information in an interpretable manner. Following my theme of hope, I also incorporated a single white jewel by slightly hiding it beneath the tangled axons. Similar to my previous work, it represents a spark of optimism we can find in ourselves regardless of external circumstances.

You can read more about it here.

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Not ready for a big purchase? How about starting out with a more affordable print option? “Lost in Manhattan” is available as a framed print in my RedBubble Shop!


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