The Internal Storm

The Internal Storm_epilepsy_joint

The Internal Storm, 2017 – SOLD

Framed 19″ x 19″

Epilepsy results from disturbed electrical activity in the brain, leading to seizures.  It is a very disruptive condition that can interfere with the person’s daily life.  There is a spectrum of severity levels, ranging from experiencing auras to partial seizures, all the way to grand mal seizures.  While multiple medications exist, very few of them completely treat the condition.  People still suffer from seizures, which may be less severe or frequent, but are there nevertheless.  In contrast to the typical microscopy palette of bright red, green and blue, I decided to depict this condition in pastel colors to show that these neuronal cells are not only beautiful, but also delicate and fragile.  They make connections that are infinitely complex, but also prone to error.  Along their processes, I have placed a number of bright red action potentials – electrical signals that transmit information.   Their large size and bright colors symbolize the intensity of signaling that is conducted during a seizure.  At such intensity, they are highly disruptive to the delicate balance of the nervous system, but are beautiful nevertheless.  They are the lightning bolts in this condition of an “internal storm.”

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