“The Mind”

The Mind, 2018

3-dimensional bead work on satin. Framed. 9″ x 9″


This piece is a counterpart of “The Void” and the two artworks will be discounted by 20% if bought together.  Please contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to purchase.

“The Mind” serves as the mirror image of the previous work “The Void”.  It was created by taking the outline of the empty space in the center of “The Void” and replacing it with green color, which lends itself to more positive emotions that come after the void has been filled.  It can be thought of as the stage beyond acceptance.  Moreover, it also reaches its highest point where the void was the deepest.  Thereby, it not only replenishes, but even surpasses that which was lost before.

Interested but cannot pay the whole sum now? No problem!

Provide the deposit below and contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to pay the rest in monthly installments of only $50.



“The Void” and “The Mind”


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