Transformation, 2016

3-dimensional bead work on satin. Framed. 9″ x 9″


In “Transformation”, a single neuron is shown to undergo its differentiation process. Over time, it not only acquires a more complex morphology, but also specializes its compartments. This process can be visualized by staining the cell with different markers. While an immature neuron typically shows a homogeneous distribution of a certain protein, over time these proteins will localize in different areas of the cell.  In “Transformation”, we see a neuron with yellow staining of the cell body that extends into the trunks of its processes. However, as they grow further away from the center, the processes gradually begin to lose the yellow marker and transition to a red one that is necessary for proper functioning of the distal ends. It is representative of how we also adjust to change and move on, transforming ourselves to fit the circumstances. When the extrinsic world cannot be changed, we have no choice but to change ourselves.

“Transformation” belongs to the Stages of Grief series and represents the final stage of ACCEPTANCE.

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