Different barriers, single drive

About three years ago, I was interviewing for my first job after postdoctoral fellowship. I was determined to “make the leap” into industry, and was thrilled when I found out about the existence of a neuroscience-focused biotech company within a reasonable distance from where I lived. The interview process was long and thorough, making it seem like I was being interviewed for a job at the CIA. When I was finally invited for an on site visit, as a part of my interview the hiring manager gave me a tour of the lab. At that time, the lab had just acquired its first confocal microscope, which was located in a small room at the end of the lab. I still recall how the hiring manager said that my eyes “lit up” when I first heard that they had one. Over the years that followed, I ended up using it quite frequently with some down periods in between. I think my heart still skips a beat every time I pass by that room. In the following posts I will be sharing some of the images I have acquired, that inspired me to start NeuroBead.

On the note of sharing images…  In the three years that I have spent working at a biotech company, I have come across a lot of “red tape” situations.  It is amazing how thorough the review process needs to be for even a summer student to show data from a half baked study performed over a couple months, all while learning the ropes in the lab.  Thankfully, in art images can speak for themselves and do not require detailed figure legends.

On the home front, it has been a week and a half since we moved to the new apartment. The renovations are finally (almost) done and theoretically we can fully unpack this weekend. I am dreading the process. Housework is really not my cup of tea.  The only inspiration I have is looking forward to finally organizing my craft table to work on NeuroBead.  I have been dreaming of this moment for so long.  To finally have a dedicated space for feeding my passion.  My started projects look lonely scattered around the room and I am looking forward to returning my attention to them in the coming weeks.

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