Law of Series

I have not come across this concept in English language until intentionally Googling it yesterday morning.  But in Russian culture the term “law of series” is used on a regular basis.  In the interest of not reinventing the wheel, I will provide a loose translation of an older blog post I have found here.  Briefly, there appears to trend of unusual events occurring in pairs or multiples.  Some examples include: getting on a train to go into the city and getting on exactly the same train on the way back, seeing a rare medical case in ER immediately followed by one of a very similar nature, or getting a call from a long-lost friend that you just spoke to someone about.

The “law” is not listed in any textbooks, does not appear to follow any laws of physics or other sciences, nor is it related to any religious beliefs.  There appears to be no logical explanation for it, yet it is also not considered to be a superstition per se.   Personally, I think that it is more closely related to the concept of “beauty in the eye of beholder”.  In other words, if a rare event happens and gets echoed by another one in close progression, a person is more likely to notice the pattern.  But there are probably millions of events that happen once and therefore do not catch our attention.

This comes back to patterns and repetition that I wrote about in a recent post.  If I would have looked at the photos taken by this artist, I probably would not have noticed a pattern.  But the fact that she grew up with twin sisters, gave the artist a unique perspective on what she was drawn to in her photos.  Each person has their own “eye of the beholder” and therefore is likely to notice different patterns.

Here is an example that I recently experienced.  Over the last few months, I have dedicated multiple evenings to my beadwork.  At the end of most evenings I would look at the weather forecast for the next day.  More often than not, I would see the following warning:  “Small craft advisory”.


My husband and I cracked up every time, joking that the Weather Channel app knows that I am making small beaded crafts at home.  Beware!

In truth, of course, it just meant that the weather was so windy that small aircrafts need to take extra caution.  I have to admit that it actually took me a while to figure that out.

Not long after the pattern of “small craft advisories” that we mostly associated with me making crafts at home, we went on a short vacation that I described earlier.  And guess what?  The aircraft that we boarded to fly to Washington DC looked like a pretty small aircraft that did not look very reassuring.  We even had to walk on the tarmac to get to it.


As for the pattern of repetition in my work on NeuroBead, here are five replicates (couldn’t help using this scientific term) of fuchsia that I have made a while ago.  Just like the Morning Glory, these will soon be incorporated into a frame and posted here for the world to see.


Don’t forget to sign up for NeuroBead Exclusive to see more behind the scenes work and a chance to order my artwork before it is officially posted on my Etsy Shop.  Also, please follow me on Instagram.


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