A touch of spring in December

After digging through my old boxes an assembling the branch of Morning Glory from flowers that I have made ages ago, I felt inspired to make some more arrangements from what I already had in stock.  I found 5 delicate pink flowers of fuchsia, that I have probably made equally long ago.


After doing a little bit of research on how these flowers actually grow, while keeping in mind the arrangement simplicity that I liked so much with my Morning Glory project, I set out to assemble them into a branch.  First of all, they all needed to receive some stems.


Then I assembled them together into a branch that I intentionally made larger than the space that would hold it.  Keeping the theme of “pushing the envelope” going with this project too.   I really like how the flowers look so fresh and delicate, yet they fight for their spot under the sun, protruding into the open space, not allowing the frame to confine their growth.


Here is a view from the side to show how 3 dimensional this arrangement turned out to be.


And I could not resist adding a close up of these beautiful, delicate flowers that give a sense of light and warmth in spite of the rapidly approaching winter.


The item will soon be available at my Etsy Shop!   Come check it out and sign up for NeuroBead Exclusive to receive special deals!

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