My adventure through social media

This Tuesday I published my next blog post about Sholl analysis.  Crickets.  For some strange reason it only got one view and no likes.  I guess people are taking off for their holiday break already and/or are busy with last minute gifts.

I also tried out the “Get followers” app, which sort of made me feel like I had to compromise my identity to get likes on Instagram.  Instead, I payed $0.99 and received 500 likes of my Neuron Astrocyte co-culture shadow box on Instagram.  Honestly, I don’t think that it made any difference.  Maybe word will get out a bit more for my work to be discovered by the right target audience…  It is similar to sending out “ships” that I just read about yesterday.  Maybe something will come back.

Neuron Astrocyte Co-culture shadow box

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On Monday, I also had an interesting interaction on Instagram.  A scientist posting scanning electron microscopy images of insects contacted me about NeuroBead.  At first, I thought that he wanted to make a custom order from one of his beautiful images.  After a long and roundabout message exchange, it turned out that he just wanted to provide images for my work and charge a commission.  After giving it some thought, I decided that it was too early for me to do this.  I would much rather take custom orders from people who want to see their work rendered for their own aesthetic pleasure.

“Branching Out” – the story of Sholl Analysis

If interested please contact me directly – AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Please sign up for NeuroBead Exclusive to see more behind the scenes work and a chance to order my artwork before I officially post it on my Etsy Shop.  Also, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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