“Branching Out”

Here is the first piece I presented at the Women in Bio SciArt event and the story behind it.

Branching Out

Branching Out (2016)   –  9″ x 9″

Neurons have a beautiful architecture, but are never actually symmetrical.  Yet they still give a sense of balance.  One metric of neuronal differentiation is the measurement of their processes called neurites.  Neurons send out their neurites in all directions to sense the surrounding environment and bring information back to the mothership – the cell body.  Their growth and branching can be measured using Sholl analysis, in which morphological complexity of a neuron indicates the cell’s capacity of receiving and integrating information.  This phenomenon can be used as a metaphor for someone leaving their comfort zone and expanding their horizons.

A more detailed description of this piece is available here.  To purchase “Branching Out”, click here.



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