“All Wrapped Up”

Here is the long promised piece I made last year.  It is based on a confocal microscopy image that I took at my previous job.

All Wrapped Up, 2017

Just like a wire, neurons use electrical signals to convey information. And similarly to wires, neurons require outer insulation for efficient communication. This insulation is provided by a specialized type of cells called oligodendrocytes. Amazingly, oligodendrocytes are indifferent to the type of material they could wrap around. This quality can be utilized to study these cells in an artificial environment.  In this cellular assay, neuronal axons can be substituted with synthetic nanofibers, aiding in simulating oligodendrocyte morphology.

I am also excited to announce that “All Wrapped Up” and “Tortured” will be featured at the “Art of the Brain” exhibit opening on March 12, 2018 in The Grady Alexis Gallery in New York City.  Check out images # 57 and # 80 and please drop by if you are in the area!





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