Trying a new approach in my art

Last year, I wrote about my negative view of a large percentage of abstract art (with some exceptions).  My view of SciArt has always been that true scientific images/concepts should be accurately depicted (with some room for slight embellishment). While many people show the true natural beauty of scientific images, I also see a lot of SciArt that ranges from depicting abstract shapes to using scientifically-based methods for producing the art.  However, over the last several months I started going a little out of my comfort zone and combining scientifically accurate renderings with more general concepts.

For example, “Abyss” shows the microscopic process of brain cells being devoured by an amoeba parasite, juxtaposed against the grand scale of a hurricane that produced the right circumstances for this calamity.


On the other hand, “Hope” contains an accurate depiction of an eye combined with the passing of time and difficult emotions.  The sense of “hope” is depicted as a hidden jewel that sparkles as soon as you find the correct angle of peaking inside the eye.

This time, I decided take it one step further.  I have set out to show a brain cell in negative space by creating a 3 dimensional context, in which the cell shape is left empty, surrounded by rising adjacent barriers.  Here are a few of my early sketches and work in progress pictures.  I will be posting the final artwork very soon.


In the meantime, I am excited to announce that I have set up a crowdfunding Patreon page!  There, I will be providing more work in progress pictures in real time, giving the early previews of my finished pieces and offering discounts!  If you like my work and would like to join the exclusive circle that is the first to see my art, please consider dropping by.  Thank you!



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  1. I think the problem with abstract art is that the artist often has no concept of what reality they are trying to make an abstract. You have avoided this pitfall from the moment of conception and it has made a great success of this piece. Beautiful work.

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