“The Mind” – an artistic experiment – Part II

This work and its counterpart started out as a little sketch in my bullet journal.  I had the idea of creating two “identical” pictures.  One showing empty space in the shape of a neuron and the other being its mirror image that is filled with an actual cell.  Here’s the birth certificate of this idea.  Don’t worry if you cannot read my chicken scratch.  🙂


The schematic on the left (with red) resulted in creation of  “The Void” which respresents the emptiness that we feel after a tragic experience.  You can read more about it here.

“The Void”

On the right, “The Mind” serves as its mirror image. It was created by taking the outline of the empty space in the center of “The Void” and replacing it with green color, which lends itself to more positive emotions that come after the void has been filled. It can be thought of as the stage beyond acceptance.  Moreover, it also reaches its highest point where the void was the deepest. Thereby, it not only replenishes, but even surpasses that which was lost before.

Both artworks are available for sale and will be discounted by 20% if bought together. Please email me at yzorina@gmail.com if you are interested!

Like what you see?  Want to get more of behind the scenes footage, as well as be the first to know when a new artwork is completed?  Please stop by my Patreon page and join the exclusive circle!  Also please follow me on Instagram.


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