Announcing the beginning of my SciArt residency program!

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted to a virtual SciArt residency program, which will begin in September! I am very grateful to the SciArt Center for giving me this opportunity to work with Darcy Johnson – an artist in Canada who explores scientific themes in her art.  I invite you to join me on this journey to see how creativity will unfold through collaboration between scientists and artists of different disciplines.

I am looking forward to beginning this 4 month journey and will post the link to the SciArt Center blog once it goes live.

SciArt Center logothe-bridge-2018-residents-sciart-center_page_11.jpgThe Bridge 2018 residents - SciArt Center_Page_2

As a side note, unlike some other similar programs, this is not a paid residency. I would be extremely grateful if you could offer your support for the time and materials needed for this project by contributing to my Patreon page. Thank you so very much!

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