The Brain Project – work in progress

The Brain Project

Earlier this year, my proposal got accepted to “The Brain Project” by Yogen Fruz and the Baycrest Foundation in Toronto. I was so excited when I got the acceptance email! As far as I remember, this is the first time I actually drew out the whole project before making it. My usual practice involves just jotting down some technical details of how to create the artwork, but not drawing out the final project. However, here I had to draw out my whole plan. It was intense! The cover image of this post shows what I have come up with.

“The Yogen Früz Brain Project [is] a city-wide Toronto art exhibit, [and] is celebrating its fifth year with exciting, thought-provoking works of art that raise awareness about brain health and critical funding for research at Baycrest for Alzheimer’s and related dementias.”

The goal of this exhibition is to communicate the importance of neurological research to the general public. The artists are provided with a brain sculpture and following their accepted design are free to show any interpretation of the theme of neurodiversity and mental health. he sculptures will then be exhibited in protective cases on the streets of Toronto this summer and later sold to raise money for the Baycrest Foundation.


The human brain consists of ~86 billion neurons connected in a sophisticated and intricate manner, allowing us to perform a multitude of physical and intellectual tasks that range from breathing to writing novels. This elaborate network is called the connectome and has been a subject of numerous imaging studies in both rodents and humans. Based on images of the connectome, I decided to use strands of beads to show the beautiful interconnectedness of the human brain and how important it is for all systems to work in unison. Hence the title – “Connected”.

According to the contract, I am limited in how much behind the scenes work I can show before the official opening, so I am posting only a few early work in progress shots.

But if you would like to see some larger and more up to date images, come join me on Patreon, where you will get access to much more of what happens behind the scenes!

And if you are interested in seeing my larger artworks, please visit my Gallery.


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