The little things that make us happy

In February, we went on a ski trip to Canada where we also celebrated our older daughter’s 12th birthday. Her birthday always falls on the school winter break and virtually every year our family goes skiing during that time, which means that we tend to celebrate it for a whole week.

This year, the kids went with my parents, while my husband and I stayed in a different hotel (due to booking issues). On the morning of her birthday, my husband and I came over to their place, bringing even more presents to an already bustling celebration. In particular, we brought her the MacBook Air that she has been pleading for over the past year. She was ecstatic when she saw it, BUT…

The major highlight of the day

was when she found out that she could now legally ride in the front seat of the car. Oh, the little things in life!

My husband and I had to take both girls to a close by ski rental shop before going to the mountain, and half of the back seat was taken up by our own ski equipment. On an impulse, I offered to let the birthday girl ride in the front, while I would take her sister on my lap in the back seat. That was the moment when she TRULY felt what it meant to be 12! Her eyes were sparkling like fireworks from feeling “like an adult” for just 10 minutes!

When little things stand out

We are often told to notice and appreciate the little things in life – to practice gratitude. In most cases, this advice is given to lift someone’s spirits and distract them from an otherwise negative situation.

But it truly amazed me that even with a backdrop of birthday celebrations and fancy gifts, such as simple act brought her so much joy.

It made me think of “Finding Your Self”, where the whole canvas is filled with bursting color, but it is the small white jewel that makes it feel special and personal.

“Finding Your Self”
3-dimensional bead work on stretched canvas. Ready to hang. 14″ x 11″

What little things do YOU appreciate in life? Please share below.

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