Hope, 2018

3-dimensional bead work inside of an hourglass. Wooden frame. Height 12″, Width 7″


Ever since going through a traumatic experience in 2017, I have been working on expressing my emotions through art. In 2017, I created “Tortured”, where the nerve scar represents a shocking life event that acts as a significant barrier to moving forward. Despite its presence, some brave growth tips manage to break through. They show resilience, but do not pass unscathed.  Even now my heart still aches at the thought of losing what I loved. Though time passes, every couple of weeks I am reminded of my past life by seemingly minute elements of my daily life. A name here, a familiar-looking face there, a similar concept faced at work. The dark grains of sand keep entering my eye, but inside there is a glimmer of hope.

Interested but cannot pay the whole sum now? No problem!

Provide the 10% deposit below and contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to pay the rest in monthly installments of only $50.



Not ready for a big purchase? How about starting out with a more affordable print option? A version of “Hope” is available as a framed print in my RedBubble Shop!


I would love to see how it looks in your home! Tag me on Instagram at @neurobead_boutique. 🙂

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