“Wilting Mind”

Wilting Mind, 2021

Shadow box with 3-dimensional beadwork, 12″ x 12″


Do you ever feel like your brain cells are getting wasted and you mind’s potential wilts from being used for work you care little about?  This was the original idea behind “Wilting Mind”. It contrast to my usual bright and colorful work, it consists of white translucent beads, symbolizing fatigue and mental atrophy. The bright red flower inside shows a stark contrast of the fire that once burned there, until it was put out.  What would it take to resurrect it?

While making this piece, I have hit a wall of resistance several times. Even when I would have a whole day to myself, I had to force myself to get it back from the shelf and keep working. Did I not want to finish it?

One of the most likely explanations of this resistance is the imperfect symmetry that began to emerge as I was getting further away from the original brain contour. But none of our brains are perfect. In fact, it might be a good fit as, perhaps, the wilting core is no longer able to support its overall shape. That was the whole point of the piece. Or does it need to look put together from the outside and keep the pain bottled up behind an impeccably symmetrical facade?

Interested but cannot pay the whole sum now? No problem!

Contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to pay it in monthly installments of only $80. No interest!

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