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I have recently received a suggestion from a fellow scientist to try making biologically inspired hair clips for young girls.  This idea combines a few passions into one.  First and foremost, it gives me a new avenue to explore in my artwork.  Second, it allows me to makes smaller projects that will be easier to store in large quantities, allowing me to offer a selection of products without overloading our apartment.  And last, but certainly not least, it gives a way to promote STEAM education for young girls.  As a mother of two young daughters myself, I want to see girls getting excited about science at an early age.  And if their “sciency” hair clips will serve as a conversation starter about biology, all the better!

Here is my first piece in this series, titled “Filopodia”.


It was inspired by one of my earlier pieces, “Neuronal Growth Cone“, that had a rich skirt of lustrous red filopodia, guiding it in its journey.

Neuronal Growth Cone turning assay

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Filopodia consist of tiny projections of the cellular cytoskeleton, that protrude out and test the surrounding environment.  During development and regeneration after injury, neurons send out their filopodia to test where they should extend, turn and connect with their target.

My older daughter was super excited to test out my most recent product!


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