Filamentous Fibroblast – # 2 in the series

Here is my 2nd creation for the girls’ hair clip series.  It is a simplified version of a beautiful image of mouse fibroblasts that made it on the list of “35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography”

Image Source

While I could not recreate the whole glory of these cells in a small hair clip, I think that I have captured the essence of their elaborate cytoskeletal arrangements.


This image is also unique in that it does not use traditional colors of microscopy (blue, red and green).  The balance of its delicate structures and the pastel colors used to pseudocolor the image, make it even more breathtaking.

Fibroblasts are one the most common and easily accessible cell types in the body, yet they hold great promise in regenerative medicine.  These cells can be isolated from a patient’s skin biopsy and then reprogrammed into stem cells to replace lost or diseased tissue, making them a gold mine of possibilities.

If you have a favorite image, I am more than happy to take custom orders and make a striking conversation starter for you!


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