Hedgehog beaded brooch

On the weekends, I recharge by working on my bead projects for hours on end. A couple weeks ago I spent the whole Sunday making this little hedgehog pin. My current large project is taking a lot of time and is very repetitive, so I needed to switch it up a bit.

Current large work in progress

As much as I am trying to stick to using up my old materials, I could not resist buying these small squares of felt for pin backs. I was so excited when 1) I received the multicolored pack of felt, 2) the silver thread, AND when the thread actually turned out to be the correct type, as opposed to my first wrong impression. I also got a gold one and am looking forward to coming up with ideas for using both of them for future projects…

This is where I started having some real fun. The main reason I came up with the hedgehog idea is that I needed to use up the black cylinder-shaped beads that I initially bought for the “Lost in Manhattan” project. There, I used them to prop up the neurons above the surface of the canvas.

Here I used them to make the needles on this little guy’s back. It was a bit of trial and error, but eventually I also managed to put some berries on his back. He’s got to get ready for the winter!

Next up I finished beading his tummy and then converted him into a pin. He is about 2” tall and is currently on his way to his new home in the UK!

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