Back to the beginning

My passion with beadwork began when I was a teenager and came across a book on French beaded flowers. As with many other types of art I was making, instead of starting with some simpler projects, I went straight for the goal.  I decided to make an entire composition of lilies for my grandma’s birthday.  

Given the fact that my grandma was living with us, I had to cover my work in progress while in school.  The flowers were quite large and I did not have the option to hide them in a drawer or a closet.  Funnily enough, I ended up creating a box of sorts out of an old science project board (coincidence?) and made my grandma promise not to open it when I was not home.  That is when I fell in love with beadwork.

When I returned to beadwork in my 30’s, I dug out the book and tried adapting the same techniques to scientific images. It got complicated very quickly. So every once in a while, I like to return to making these little beauties. ⁠⁠

Click on the photos to find out more.

More recently, I have also learned to embroider with beads and crystals.

With long term projects like the one I am currently working on, sometimes it is really nice to have a quick win like this one:

You can check out these works and many more in my Etsy Shop!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and flowers are always a great gift for Mom!

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