“I am a cell biologist” T-shirt flashbacks

Science is hard. 98.5% of the time it doesn’t cooperate. And that can really hurt your ego. Even knowing that it’s normal to expect only a tiny percentage of your experiments to work often doesn’t help. And while years of experience can help slightly stack the odds in your favor, science always catches you off guard.

Flashbacks and Impostor Syndrome

I keep getting flashbacks to my early grad school years, back when my husband (to be) wore T-shirts to work (now he has to look like a legit doctor). One of his T-shirts said “I AM A CELL BIOLOGIST, AND I KNOW”… followed by a laundry list of lab techniques. One of the things on the list was “how to spell Coomassie” – very impressive!

Wearing such T-shirts was supposed to make grad students feel confident (even though knowing techniques is in no way sufficient for being a good scientist).

Well, I was never a fan of wearing clothing with writing on it. Yet, I regularly recall this T-shirt when I need to give myself a confidence boost. I am a cell biologist, I have a Ph.D., and I know…

…many things by now. Yet no matter how much we achieve, Impostor Syndrome never really goes away. And that is when SciArt can help.

No matter how much we achieve, Impostor Syndrome never really goes away. And that is when SciArt can help.

Taking control

Making SciArt makes me feel in control. It makes me feel smart. It’s almost like I know a big juicy secret – to most people, a scientific image may look like abstract art, but I know what it really means. It’s like knowing the secret of a magic trick.

Whether you work in science or not, sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up. Imagine feeling stuck on a project, getting very frustrated, and then looking up to see a piece of art that is based on scientific research. Especially one that is based on neuroscience – showing a little piece of your brain. It can help you believe in yourself again.

Hope, 2018

3-dimensional bead work inside of an hourglass. Wooden frame. Height 12″, Width 7″


Art is my emotional outlet and my oasis.  I use art to express my feelings and work through life issues.  Come join me on this journey of letting go of control and letting the creative process take over.  You will get access to all of the behind the scenes footage and see the major breakthroughs that translate into new artwork.

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