The brain sculpture is finally finished!

Just like pretty much all of my big art projects, this one took several months to complete. Maybe even a year if you count the brainstorming and incubation process.

The idea was to take several sections (or slices) of the human brain from the Allen Brain Atlas and recreate them on slices of plexiglass out of beads to mimic histology sections.

It was a long and painful process during which I learned that, while I typically love slow and meticulous artwork, gluing strings of beads to plexiglass is just not my thing.

This is what an “artist studio” looks like in a New York City apartment

First, I had to individually make each slice according to the schematic that I taped to the back of the plexiglass.

Then, when all 6 slices were done, I asked my husband to drill 4 holes in each piece of plexiglass and started assembling the sculpture.

I really wanted to see how it would look, so the first time around, I didn’t even bother to take off the paper schematics!

Then, a couple weeks later, I finally found enough time to properly assemble and photograph everything.

But before doing that, I had to do some brainwashing! 🙂 There was a ton of my fingerprints all over the place!

Here are the finished slices.

Each slide (12″ x 12″) can be mounted to a wall as its own piece of art and shown in a series, OR…

You can assemble them into a sculpture!

Here is where I FINALLY got to assemble the whole thing!

And now I am looking for a fitting title.

Or you can leave your own suggestion in the Comments section below! Would love to hear from you.

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