Beaded coronal brain sections are on their way

For the past few weeks I have been really slacking off on the art side.  I have been keeping up with posting on social media and my blog, but in reality I have not been doing as much beadwork as I should be.  

I finally forced myself to finish the 3rd brain slice and started the 4th one, but there is still a long way to go to finishing this project. I don’t know what’s happening – I am getting some sort of inner resistance (a la “The War of Art”).  

There is still a long way to finishing this project, but I am getting a sense of resistance. Any advice?

Recently, I published a blog post about the importance of technique in my art, and it seems that gluing beads to plexiglass is just not my thing.  I would rather be weaving, wrapping or sewing.  It’s sad, because I was planning this project for several months, and now I feel like I can’t wait to get it over with.  

But in any case, 3 out of 6 brain slices are done.  At least mostly done, because as I was photographing them,  I discovered a couple mistakes that may need to be corrected.

Now I need to bug my husband to help me with drilling holes through the plexiglass to make the final assembly possible. Honestly, I am terrified that after all of the time I have spent carefully gluing beads to the plexiglass, it might crack from drilling.

In the end, the sculpture will be transparent, but for the purposes of single slice photos, which background do you like more – black or white?

As a side note, my work was recently featured in the Ascensus Journal at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Click on each image to read more about the artwork.

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