“The Void”

The Void, 2018

3-dimensional bead work on canvas. Framed. 9″ x 9″


This piece is a counterpart of “The Mind” and the two artworks will be discounted by 20% if bought together.  Please contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to purchase.

Following my “Stages of Grief” series, I have set out to create a piece to represent the very first stage – DENIAL.  While in my earlier pieces I did my best to stay true to scientific form, here I have come to border abstraction.  This piece turns the biology on its head, showing the outline of a cell as an empty black space surrounded by three dimensional structures between the cell dendrites. It represents the emptiness we feel after losing what was dear to us.  

Please check out my Patreon page to see a video showing “The Void” from all angles.

Interested but cannot pay the whole sum now?

No problem! Provide the 10% deposit below and contact me at yzorina@gmail.com to pay the rest in monthly installments of $55.



“The Void” and “The Mind”


Not ready for a big purchase? How about starting out with a more affordable print option? “The Void” is available in 2 sizes in my RedBubble Shop!


I would love to see how it looks in your home! Tag me on Instagram at @neurobead_boutique. 🙂

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