My new brain art project is off to the races!

With the exception of “The Brain Project”, which showed the amazing connectedness of the human nervous system, I have spent the last few months fiddling around with some small home decor art projects while incubating the next big SciArt idea.  Then I spent another month thinking of the engineering logistics needed to put it together.  I took a surprising amount of time and effort to find all the right hardware to be able to create this wall art/sculpture combo.

A few weeks ago, I finally received all the supplies and was finally able to begin. The idea is to create several anatomically correct brain sections (slices) that will then be layered on several sheets of plexiglass.  Each sheet can be mounted on a wall by itself,  or they can be assembled into a multilayered standing sculpture.

The Inspiration

Following Austin Kleon’s advice in his wonderful book “Steal Like an Artist”, I drew on several sources of inspiration. By the way, I LOVE how he used genetics as an analogy to mixing ideas.

First, a few years ago I attended an exhibition by SciArt Center, where I met Valeriya N-Georg and she showed me one of her earlier works “Oxytocin”, where she assembled many layers of painted plexiglass to create a sculpture.

“Oxytocin” Sculpture by Valeriya N-Georg

I then happened to find some amazing works of Nobuhiro Nakanishi, where he takes hundreds of photos of the same place and transfers them onto acrylic panels that are then assembled as a time series.

Image source

And last, but certainly not least is a picture of these witty brain coasters which has long been marked on my SciArt inspiration Pinterest board. This is such a cute gift for a graduate or medical student with an interest in neurology.

Image source

The new Art Project

So what do we get when we put all of these together you may ask? (And sprinkle in some neuroscience, of course.)

Well, my next stop was the Allen Brain Atlas, where I was able to download and print out several coronal (head on) sections of the human brain. I cut them out, temporarily taped to the back of square sheets of plexiglass, and got to work!

Essentially, I am recreating the anatomical structures of the human brain that will look somewhat similar to the brain coasters, but will be bursting with color. It took me a really long time to find the right type of screws to be able to assemble them in the end, but now that I finally have everything, I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. But as you might imagine, this is no small feat and will take quite some time. Just like any good science experiment!

Stay tuned to see more work in progress shots!

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